E.V.Day; Luck DeBellevue; Arturo Herrera;
Mick O'Shea; Rob Pruitt; Jude Tallichet

5 Lines for 6 Artists (in the Spirit of de Chirico's Hebdomeros)

E.V. Day
Lucky DeBellevue
Arturo Herrera
Mick O'Shea
Rob Pruitt
Jude Tallichet

1) E.V. Day
Flesh as Fantasy...here is where the madness subsides -a sly
Evil witty airplane disaster? A silly nightmare of our perverse
Of autoerotic sentimentality.
Taunt and jagged we cannot
Look away.

2) Lucky DeBellevue
Chenille stems, cleaning the edge with color
Funny warm gradations emerging from the corner
A web twisting bed of gentle madness
Wholly, holey, holy,
Beuys would wonder,

3) Arturo Herrera
Red, Soft
Relishing every wonderous wound.

4) Mick O'Shea
Art world...
Juicy old paint ghosts, trains toying with the walls
Penetrating Tom and Jerry tunnels
Buildings are cards folded like T.S. Eliot's shirts
Measuring the expanse of a Phantom Kilohertz.

5) Rob Pruitt
Crazy concrete pandas
Snowy chine visions.
Lost snow-blind in a sticky
Sweet cartoon ice lime fever.

6) Jude Tallichet
Boom city radio nation rhythm,
Frame drum dream jam.
Sacred voices balance
Playful architecture
Arch imaginings

Robert Grant